This viral Michael Bublé video has parents everywhere sobbing about our kids growing up 😭

Canadian singer Michael Bublé is famous for his silky smooth voice and charismatic presence on stage.

He knows how to make music that makes us feel all the feels, and this viral video proves that!

Michael Bublé video for his song “Forever Now” has parents everywhere sobbing and if

This is dedicated to all the moms and dads having to send their babies off to school. Love them and care for them. They grow up too soon!

Michael Bublé published this music video in March on Youtube, but as many parents send their kids back to school or off to college, it went viral last week.

It shows a simple animation of a child’s room as it shifts over time – from a nursery to the messy bedroom of a young adult leaving the nest.

I thought this will be just an ordinary lyric video, never knew it could be this emotional.

The lyrics begin:

“I just met you, seems like yesterday. You opened up your eyes and I recognized your face. You know that you’re the one that we’ve been waiting for; we’re going to keep you safe.”

I made it 50 seconds in before I burst into tears and had to turn it off… 

This was tough to watch. Had to leave the office desk and bawl my eyes out on the men’s room toilet…

“It wasn’t so long ago, we walked together and you held my hand. and now you’re getting too big to want to.”

Right now, when it seems as if there is never enough time to get everything done, Bublé’s telling us something that we sometimes forget: One day we will be looking back and wondering why these long days went by so fast.

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