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Police officers show up to shovel snow from 99-year-old woman’s driveway

December is here, which for many areas means winter weather has arrived. While the snow can be nice and scenic, it can also be a major hassle for the people who have to shovel it up… and for the elderly and disabled people who can’t do it themselves.

Luckily, one old woman had some help from her local law enforcement.

On December 2, the Albany Police Department got a call from a 99-year-old local woman who lives on her own, asking for someone to clear the snow from her driveway.

While that’s not your typical police work, Officers William Pierce, Christopher Stiles and John Schueler gladly drove over to her house and cleared the foot of snow from her driveway and sidewalk.

“When Duty Calls,” the Albany Police Department wrote on Facebook.

It’s maybe not what you’d think of as a police officer’s duty—maybe you’d even expect these officers to be annoyed at the job, wanting to do more important police work.

But the officers went to work “without hesitation.” After all, it’s an officer’s responsibility to look after their community, and helping out an old woman in need is a big part of that. Without them, she’d be stuck inside her home.

Thank you to these officers for going above-and-beyond to help out an old woman in need!

It’s a reminder that this winter we can all step up to help our neighbors—you never know how a small act of kindness can impact their lives.

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