Officials warn public after unattended phone charging on bed catches fire

A family in Corpus Christi, Texas recently came home to an unpleasant surprise that now has them warning others about the dangers of charging your electronics.

Around 5 p.m. on July 13, a mother and her children arrived back home after shopping. When she opened the door to their home, the family was met with smoke.

Fire officials responded to the family’s call for help and were able to put out the fire. Thankfully it did not spread throughout the entire house.

When they reached what they believed was the source of the fire, they found a charred mattress and a phone nearby. They believe a phone charging on a bed started the fire.

“Use a nightstand, use a shelf, use an entry way table,” Assistant chief Weston Beseda said. “Something like that. Avoid placing phones or electronic devices on pillows, mattress, comforters, blankets and what not.”

Another important tip: do not leave charging electronics unattended.

The assistant chief also offered another piece of advice to the public, close the doors in your home in case of a fire. This will aid in preventing a fire from spreading throughout a home.

It’s scary to think that this could happen to anyone. Many of us plug our electronics in and throw them on the bed without thinking, while others leave them charging while we leave our home.

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