Heartwarming photo shoot: Grandparents celebrate 60th anniversary with adorable pictures

The greatest love stories don’t take place in Hollywood, but in the lives of ordinary couples who have an extraordinary love for each other.

Like this couple, who recently celebrated their 60th anniversary with a heartwarming photo shoot.

Earlier this month, wedding photographer Abigail Lydick surprised her grandparents and gave them a truly precious gift.

Abigail offered her services and did a beautiful wedding themed photo shoot for her grandfather, George Brown, and her grandmother, Virginia “Ginger” Brown.

Today, lasting love can be hard to find.

But if you’ve spent over 60 years with the same partner, you can be sure that you have something special together.

Posted by Abigail Gingerale on Thursday, 9 August 2018

South Carolina couple George and Virginia Brown have been married for six decades and when they were invited to visit their granddaughter in New Jersey, they were thrilled.

Abigail explained to her grandparents that she wanted them to dress up and prepare for a night out – to celebrate their anniversary.

But there was one thing she didn’t mention… She had arranged something really special.

When the Browns finally arrived in New Jersey, Abigail revealed her surprise: a photo shoot.

“Of course they said yes, because they’ll do anything for their grandchildren!” Abigail told HuffPost.

“Then I got to work with some of our favorite local vendors to get (Grandmom) a dress to wear, hair and makeup and florals.”

Both George and Virginia were shocked and excited, and even a little nervous…

“My grandmom had never even had professional hair or makeup done before,” Abigail explained.

During the photo shoot, the Browns took the opportunity to share some valuable secrets to a long, happy, and loving marriage.

They said, “Don’t go to bed if you’re angry,” “be prepared to forgive, always,” and “maintain a good sense of humor.”

A couple of days ago, Abigail published and shared some of the photos from the shoot on her Facebook page.

“Grandmom is a little nervous with the brand-new fame, but Granddad is more accepting of it!” Abigail said.

“Granddad shared the post and captioned it, ‘I reckon we try for another 60!’”

Damn, they look gorgeous for 60 years of marriage  

Here’s to many more years 🥰

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