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Grandmother calls for kindness after strangers stare and make rude comments about her grandson

In March, six-year-old Wayne Nixon was involved in a North Carolina house fire. Wayne’s older brother, Marcus, died from his injuries. The six-year-old survived, but with severe burns all over his body.

He has made great strides in his journey towards recovery in the past six months, but since he was released from the hospital at the end of June he’s encountered an issue that has required his grandmother to speak out.

“He comes home and cries sometimes. We come home and cry sometimes,” his grandmother, Wanda Nixon told WGHP. “I wish people would think about the person that’s up under the mask and the way it makes them feel.”

Ever since Wayne left the hospital, he has been subjected to strangers’ stares.

Wayne wears a clear mask and a burn suit to aid in his recovery, and people often gawk at him. The boy’s grandmother said she’s even heard children call her grandson “scary.”

“To me, he’s not scary. He’s this young man right here under his mask,” she said.

And she wants people to stop staring and calling him names, instead she’d rather they ask questions.

“He has a heart. He bleeds just like you. Stop staring,” she said. “He’s my little warrior. He’s determined. He keeps me going. I know that.”

Let’s show this boy that there’s nothing wrong with his appearance.

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