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Man drinks 7 beers before turning himself in to police, learns they weren’t after him, gets arrested anyway

People often refer to alcohol as “liquid courage.” Having a few beers can be a way to lose some of your inhibitions, giving you that edge of confidence to ask that person out, get up on the dance floor, or… turn yourself in to the police?

One recent, strange news story shows how loosening up with alcohol can backfire in huge ways.

A 59-year-old man named Billy Bob Hall, from Texas, knew the police were out to get him for missing a parole meeting, and he decided to do the responsible civil thing by going to turn himself in to the sheriff’s office.

At the same time, however, he decided to do the less-responsible thing by getting very drunk first.

Hall decided to chug down seven Budweisers before calling the cops on himself, the Star-Telegram reported. “Hall advised he had to drink to build up the courage to turn himself in,” a police report said.

Hall arrived Parker County Jail, and the officers could smell the alcohol on him.

He told them he wanted to turn himself in… but then, he found that after all that, there was no warrant out for his arrest, after all. Always good to double check these things.

This must’ve been a relief for Hall, but it was short lived: In another twist, the sheriffs arrested him anyway… for public intoxication over those seven beers.

Parker County Jail

According to CBS DFW, Hall was still in Parker County Jail as of Tuesday morning; it isn’t clear how long his sentence will be. Public intoxication is a Class C misdemeanor in Texas that usually incurs a $500 fine, though Hall being on parole might affect his sentencing.

Alcohol can help loosen you up… but sometimes you loosen up too much and give away more than you meant to. Share this crazy story!

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