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Former NFL player DeAngelo Williams pays for 500 mammograms to honor mom who died of breast cancer

In the fight against cancer there are no villains, but there certainly are heroes.

Take, for example, the heroes who are fighting battles against the disease all over the world, take the heroes that are working tirelessly in research to find a cure or prevention, take the heroes that give their time and money to raise awareness.

In any case, former Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams is a hero. Through the DeAngelo Williams Foundation, he’s been covering the cost of mammogram screenings for woman since 2015.

Since 2015, the DeAngelo Williams Foundation has footed the bill for over 500 mammograms at hospitals in Pittsburgh, Memphis, Jonesboro, and Charlotte.

Williams, who lost his mother to breast cancer back in 2014, is a staunch supporter of awareness towards the disease. The 36-year-old has also lost four aunts to the same cancer, so has more cause than most to dedicate his life to foiling it.

In the hope of doing his bit, Williams has reportedly been sponsoring a free mammogram screening in honor of his mother through the “53 Strong for Sandra” program. The foundation sponsors mammograms for 53 women at each event, with the aim to eventually host a free mammogram screening in every state.

As per Today, Williams said in a statement: “To be able to help all these women is amazing. This can be life-changing for these women.

“We are enabling them to get this care that no one should ever be denied or not have access to.”

Way to go DeAngelo Williams! We think your case and efforts are inspiring.

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