Couple Is Finding Unwanted Dogs Loving Homes And The Emotional Adoptions Make It All Worth It

Back then in 2011, Tracy Whyatt has begun to live for her passion. She wanted to save each and every homeless, unvalued, and unloved dog. So how does this all started? Tracy Whyatt was furloughed from her job for six weeks. Those days, she started to go down to local city shelters in San Antonio to video shoot dogs that were under other facilities. Those other facilities also knew that their dogs would never get adopted. However, Tracy started to post those video shoots on Youtube and people start recognizing her. Most of the people wanted to adopt the dogs that she shot on the camera.  Well after that, Tracy and her husband Scott turned this all into an organization. Later they together took road trips that eventually leads to the collection of unwanted dogs from Texas Kill shelters. They collected such dogs and bring them into their facilities to make them adoptable. Once some dogs become able to be adopted, they started to put these dogs into their right homes where they can live forever.



This way they started their remarkable company TracyDogs. Currently, the stats tell us that they have rescued 4,493 dogs because of their 86 transports. These transports have been covered almost 222,044 miles yet.

All the 86 transports are mobile vans. These mobile vans have pictures of Tracy and dogs with a quote “Rescue Dogs On Board.” Most importantly, they have given the address of their official website all over the van so that they can also reach to more adopters while rescuing dogs on board.



However, TracyDogs journey doesn’t end here. TracyDogs also became partners with PetSmart. The purpose of this partnership is to show Tracy’s dogs at meeting places where new owners will definitely meet their dogs. Tracy and Scott did a lot of work to keep this going. They have filled out tons of applications, matched right dog owners, and accomplished the pre-adoption process several times.

By the way, In this process, Scott has also proved his love for Tracy. He loads up dozens of pups into a 32-foot trailer himself. In addition to this, he frequently takes them to Petsmart parking lots in Washington DC, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Wisconsin. At these places, pre-approved and new pet parents wait to adopt dogs.



Bob Horn, the assistant manager of PetSmart said that “Tracy Dogs started pretty much in the south and the west but in just a last couple of years, they wanted to get a location a little bit further east. So we got to be the lucky one and that’s how we involved with them.”

Their application process isn’t that hard. You just need to submit an online application at TracyDogs official website. Once they review your application form, you will soon get a call from their adoption manager. Adoption manager will take your interview and tie you with a dog that fits you. However, if you and the counselor have decided that a particular dog is the suitable one, then contact your adoption manager and submit the adoption fee payment online. After payment, the dog is yours and it will be terminated from the available list so that anyone else can’t demand that dog.

If you too believe that dogs shouldn’t be mistreated, then share this post as much as possible so that at least one dog can be adopted just because of you.

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