On This Mother’s Day Read 6 Incredible Stories of Mama Cats Who Saved Their Children

Mom’s relationship with her child is the best connection that we can see. A mother has a spectacular bond with their children which can’t be broken easily. A mother can go to the most significant extent to keep their children safe, secure and healthy. In these 6 stories, we are going to share the stories of such mama cats who saved their babies.

  1. Scarlett Walks Through The Fire

 A superb mama cat who saved her children from the fire in the year 1996. When this incident happened, she was carrying her children in the garage in the New York. After this incident, firefighters explained that she was saving all the children herself without caring about herself. Later on, Scarlett died on October 11, 2008, due to injuries and multiple health illnesses.

  1. Chihuahua Kittens

Recently, a little Chihuahua was pregnant and her babies were born in the early state. Both of them didn’t make it, but she refused to have the other two. So finally, a cat had newborn babies, so the SPCA worker put the puppies and cat together and they both loved each other.

  1. The Baby Bobcat

A well-concerned person walked into the Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation with an orphan kitten named as baby Bobcat. The person who brought this cat told that she saw bobcat’s mother last night, but due to a storm, she was separated from her child. Finally, she wasn’t able to find the mother of Bobcat, but the kitten is alive just because of her. Luckily, the shelter provided him five kittens with a great mama cat. They named mama ‘Sweet Pea’ and introduced Bob to her to start an incredible beginning.

  1. The Ember Saved Flames

One week before the Mother’s Day, a cat called Ember had lost all of her newborn kittens at the Atlanta Humane Society. Suddenly a miracle happened, a kitten who needed help to survive just came. They named that kitten Flame. The two were introduced. Now Embler and Flame take care of each other. Embler helped flame to survive in the world. On the other hand, Flame filled the space of lost kittens and fixed the broken heart of Emblem.

  1. Feral Mama Brought Injured Kitten Close To Humans

Feral cats aren’t mostly the trusting animals of humans. A woman named Jamie and her boyfriend recently fed a feral cat. It was their honor to experience that a feral cat keeps coming back for more food after having the meal. Moreover, the couple noticed that the cat wasn’t walking properly, so they decided to take her to a veteran. Veteran found out that the cat had a broken fibula and tibia. After all this, they decided to adopt the cat and named him ‘Milo.’ All of this happens because of that mama cat. Now feral is living indoor and on the other hand, his mother used to live outdoors. The mother also used to visit sometimes for food.

  1. A Mother Cat Gave Blood Transfusion To Save Two Kittens Life

Two little kittens named as Shirley and Terry recently rushed to the door of an emergency veteran when they were dealing with anemia and low RBC counts due to flea infestation. They should say thank their mama cat ‘Merf’ who was there at that time to save their life. The kitten needed an emergency blood transfusion, so Merf was the one who saved the day.

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