CAPTURED: Doorbell camera leads to capture of escaped inmate accused of murder

Curtis Ray Watson, an escaped convict and suspect in the murder of a Tennessee corrections employee, was captured Sunday after a four day manhunt.

Throughout the authorities’ several day search for the “extremely dangerous” man 430 tips came in, but it was a tip from a couple and their home security camera that led to Watson’s capture.

At 3:30 a.m. on Sunday, Harvey and Ann Taylor of Henning, Tennessee were alerted to movement outside their home.

“We were awakened about 3:30 this morning by the alarm on our Ring doorbell, saying that someone was in our backyard,” Harvey said during a press conference.

Someone was opening a refrigerator, which was located outside near their car.

“We could see his back, his camouflage clothing he had on,” Harvey said. “But we couldn’t see his face at first. Once he closed the left side of the refrigerator door, my wife could see his face and recognized his beard. It’s similar to mine. She said ‘it’s him, it’s him.’ So, I prepared for if he tried to come inside, and then we called 911.”

Watson was captured a short time later, not far from West Tennessee State Penitentiary, where he escaped, and was accused of murdering Debra Johnson.

“I can assure you that our office will be resolved to see that he is put back where he can never escape again and harm anybody in our communities,” District Attorney Mark Davidson said.

“With God’s help they got him,” Harvey said. “Our community should be relieved he’s back in custody.”

Watson was serving a 15-year prison sentence for aggravated kidnapping at the time of his escape.

Hopefully his capture will give some closure to Debra Johnson’s family and bring peace to the community.

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