Amazing Photos Of Animals Still In The Womb

Photos of adult and baby animals in the wild are pretty common, but what do they look like before they’re born? It’s amazing to see photos of an animal as a fetus. While some of them are hard to recognize compared to the way we usually see them, others just look like even tinier versions of themselves. Don’t get us wrong — baby animals are cute, too, but the way they look before their mothers have given birth is truly fascinating. Some of them are even cuter before their life on earth begins. It’s absolutely incredible to see how these animals’ lives began before they’d even entered the world.

A Tiny Baby Penguin


It’s hard to believe that penguins look like this in the womb — sporting their black and white fur and all. But they’re crazy adorable even before they’re officially born, and so tiny! It’s hard to imagine that one day this little guy is going to enter the world and slide around on the ice.

This Is What A Cat Looks Like Before Birth


Cats are usually insanely adorable after they’re born (if you’re a cat person, you’ll definitely agree) but this photo is amazing and precious all at the same time. Look at the way his little tongue sticks out, as if he’s posing for the photo! He already seems to have such a personality.

Three Little Bats In A Row


A lot of people list bats among their greatest fears, but after seeing this adorable photo, it’s hard to imagine why. Seeing them so tiny in the beginning of their lives like this makes it impossible to think they could scare anyone… or even be one of the spooky icons of Halloween. They’re so cute!

Baby Bird Beak


This animal is almost unrecognizable in the womb, but it’s a bird in gestation. It’s hard to believe that this is what happens inside an egg before the bird pops out of it! Look at that tiny beak that’s already forming. It’s incredible that one day, he’ll have feathers and be able to fly.

A Cheetah In Utero


It’s a little insane to see that this is what a cheetah looks like as a fetus, especially since there’s basically no difference between this little guy and a full grown baby cheetah. Can we talk about the fact that he already has spots? Absolutely incredible.

A Growing Dolphin


Is it just us, or does it seem like this little guy is already smiling? Since dolphins are so huge in the ocean, it’s crazy to see how tiny this fetus is! And surprisingly enough, it’s easy to recognize what animal this is, fins and all.

The Smallest Elephant


Talk about seeing another huge animal in the tiniest form ever! Considering the fact that when elephants are born, they’re already massive and quickly learn to walk, it’s awesome to see how tiny they are before they make their grand entrance into the world.

A Developing Horse


This is another one of those animals who’s hard to identify at first. Is it a goat? Maybe a zebra? Nope, it’s neither of those… it’s actually a horse in its earliest stages of life. One day, this tiny guy will be big enough to be ridden — after he does a lot more growth, of course.

A Kangaroo In The Pouch


Even though everybody knows that kangaroo babies typically grow and travel in their mom’s pouch, it’s a totally different experience to actually see how it happens. It’s such a different way of gestation than most other animals have, and it’s really fascinating — and so is seeing this part of the process.

The Smallest Shark


Although dolphins in the womb look so similar to the way they look after birth, with sharks, it’s a little different. This itty bitty shark is still developing, but this is the start of life for one of the most interesting but also one of the most dangerous animals in the ocean. Seems hard to believe when he’s this tiny!

A Baby Opossum


This adorable baby will one day grow up to be an opossum, the little creatures we all often see in our own neighborhoods (hopefully alive, though). He barely looks like the adult opossum most of us have seen, but one day this little wormy-looking creature will totally transform

These Polar Bears Are Already Bonding


Out of all the adorable animals in utero, this is definitely one of the sweetest — mostly because these baby polar bear siblings are already bonding. It’s crazy to see them all cuddled up like this, with their fur and all. Hopefully, they’re still this close after they’re born.

Awww, A Puppy Before Birth


If you thought puppies were cute after they’re born, you obviously haven’t seen what they look like in the womb. This little guy already looks like a fully-formed, adorable baby you can take home from the pound, and he hasn’t even been born yet. Look at those paws and that tail!

This Snake Isn’t Scary


Much like bats, a lot of people fear snakes, but seeing how tiny this one is before birth, it’s hard to believe that they’d freak people out. He’s so small and looks so friendly. If only all snakes were this adorable even after they were born, maybe more people would love them.

This Sweet Squirrel


This squirrel looks so much like the baby squirrels we’re all used to seeing, but somehow, even more adorable. It’s hard to believe that one day, this little guy will be covered with fur and running around, chasing birds and other squirrels up trees.

A Majestic Wolf


Wolves may be major predators, but this photo is proof that they started out the same way the rest of us did: all cuddled up inside our mom. One day, he’ll be huge and stronger than most people… and way scarier. But hey, at least wolves are gorgeous.

Yikes, Look At This Tiger Shark’s Little Teeth


Just by this tiger shark’s developing face, it’s easy to understand how he’ll turn out to be one of the scariest, most deadly animals in the sea… and it’s obvious that those razor sharp teeth start developing very early. Even though he’s small, he could grow to up to 16 feet as an adult.

This Precious Chimpanzee


If you thought the resemblance between any primate and humans is way too much to comprehend, that becomes even more true when you see what a chimpanzee looks like in the womb. This tiny chimp looks so much like what human fetuses look like!

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