Interesting animals from Guinness Book of Records

I collected some interesting facts about “different” pets. It is interesting that most of the animals-“record-holders” live (or lived) in the US and Great Britain. The thing, probably, is that these countries are the most involved in fixing such data, and spend most of their research on similar topics.

  • The biggest in the history of domestic wild boar, called Big Bill, weighed as much as 1157.5 kg and was 2.74 m in length!
  • The largest domestic pigeon of the Canadian breed weighed 1.8 kg!
  • Puppies Dromatinians are born completely white, and black spots they appear with age.
  • The smallest dog was a Yorkshire terrier, who lived in England, and died in 1945 before he reached the age of two. Its length in the adult age was only 9.5 cm, and the height at the withers was 6.3 cm, and it weighed 113 grams.
  • The New York kitten Sabrina fell from 32 floors and remained alive. At the moment – this is the highest “record” record. Previously, the winner was a fellow countryman Sabrina – Lucky, who fell from the 26th floor. Veterinarians and scientists claim that the chances of survival in kittens would be less if the height did not exceed 5-6 floors, explaining this by the High Altitude Cat Syndrome.
  • The smallest cat is the American Tinker Toy (Himalayan-Persian bluepoint). He was only 19 inches long.
  • The oldest goldfish named Tish, from the UK, has lived for 43 years, and has been in 1999! It is interesting that at the end of life it “turned gray”: its scales became not of gold, but of white-silver color. The fish belonged to Hilde and Gordon Hand, her son won Tisch at the fair in 1956.
  • A female hamster at birth gave birth to 36 hamsters! For information: usually, hamsters give birth to 4-8 cubs. This momentous event occurred in 1974, in the USA.
  • Rabbits of the breed Belgian giant can weigh about 11 kg.
  • Typically, cats have five toes on their front paws and four to the rear, but periodically they are born to a cat with six or more fingers on one or even a few paws.
  • Cats can give their voice about a hundred different intonations.
  • Cats sleep about 18 hours a day!
  • The heaviest breed of dogs in St. Bernard. Her representative, Benedictine Jr. from America, weighs 140 kg, with a height at the withers about a meter, this is an approximate growth of the pony.
  • The highest dog, registered in 2013 with the Guinness Book of Records, is the Great Dane, nicknamed Zeus. His height is 111.8 centimeters from foot to withers.
  • The smallest known horse is a horse named Little Pumpkin. In 1973, its height was recorded at 35.5 cm, and its weight was only 9 kg! The smallest currently living horse is the mare named Thumbelina – 44.5 cm tall. The Argentine Falabella is recognized as the smallest breed of horses in the world. Its representatives reach a height of 38-45 cm, and a weight of 12-17 kg.
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