Woman can’t hold back her tears after Makeover Guy shows her she’s still beautiful

So many of us get stuck with our appearance and often our life in general and need something radical to happen to shake it all up.

Our appearance can be the key to our self-confidence but it’s so easy just to stay stuck and not do anything about it.

For Laurie, she was tired of being alone and wanted that external as well as that internal lift to help give her the confidence to meet new people.

Her transformation at the hands of The Makeover Guy Christopher Hopkins left her screaming.

Laurie flew all the way from Maui, Hawaii to see makeover genius Christopher Hopkins, at his studio in Minnesota.

She told Christopher that a new style would not only help her on the outside but also on the inside.

“I need an internal lift, some confidence that I’m still pretty, I’m still young attractive and fun,” she said.

Tired of being alone

Laurie waited until the finish before she saw her makeover, making it an even bigger surprise.

“I’m tired of being alone and I think if my spirits are lifted then I might be a little more attractive to others as well as myself,” she said.

When Christopher reveals her dramatic transformation Laurie screams.

“I can’t believe it, it’s beautiful, I could cry but I won’t,” she said.

But she struggles to hold back the tears as she describes one of the best experiences she’s ever had at Christopher’s makeover studio.

See for yourself in the clip below.

What a fantastic transformation, I hardly recognize her as the same woman.

It’s so cool that Christopher help people become the best that they can be. Love his sense of humor and the relationship he build with your budding beauties! Thank you for giving joy to all of us!

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