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Veteran dies with no family, so the public is invited to his funeral — let’s give him the sendoff he deserves

Veterans dedicated their lives to serving and protecting their country, and deserve people’s respect and gratitude. When they die, it’s a final chance to recognize their valor, and military services are often filled with family, friends, and fellow servicemen thanking them for their service.

Unfortunately, when one veteran died recently, it was feared that no one would be there to pay their respects.

But now, the funeral home is publicizing the service as open to anyone… counting on the community to show up and give the vet the sendoff he deserves.

Edward K. Pearson, an 80-year-old veteran from Naples, Florida, died on August 31. Sadly, he died with no immediate family.

His arrangements were handled by Legacy Options Funeral and Cremations Services, and an interment was scheduled for October 1. He will be buried with military honors at Sarasota National Cemetery in Sarasota, Florida.

Posted by In Memory of Veteran Edward K Pearson on Monday, 30 September 2019

But because Pearson had no close relatives, the funeral home decided to make a special mention in his obituary that “all are welcome to attend” the vet’s funeral.

The hope is that enough strangers in the community will be willing to attend and give him a service with a great turnout.

The plan has worked before: In July, a Vietnam veteran with no immediate family was laid to rest, and thousands of strangers answered the call to attend, with mourners coming in from all over the country.

Posted by In Memory of Veteran Edward K Pearson on Monday, 30 September 2019

Word about Pearson’s funeral has spread, and the call has been shared by local news stations and veterans groups. With all hope this vet will get a strong showing at his funeral.

In the meantime strangers have been drawn to the memorial wall on his online obituary, thanking Pearson for his service.

“Ed, your country owes you a debt of gratitude for your unselfish service,” one comment reads. “Rest well brother.”

“Even though I never knew this man, I want to thank him for his service helping to keep America Free,” reads another. “May he Rest In Peace.”

If you are near Sarasota, Florida tomorrow afternoon and would like to be part of this kind gesture, the address is here:

Sarasota National Cemetery

9810 State Rd. 72


Let’s spread the word as much as possible so this veteran gets the sendoff he deserves! Share this story!

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