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Toddler asks grieving mom “Where’s Daddy” after he dies in accident at her birthday party

A distraught mom has opened up on the moment her daughter asked “where’s daddy” after he died during a dry ice stunt gone wrong at her birthday party.

According to reports, Ekaterina Didenko, from Russia, had been celebrating her 29th birthday in Moscow when her partner, Valentin, 32, died in a tragic accident.

It’s said he died of Co2 poisoning after 25 kilograms of dry ice was mixed in a swimming pool in an attempt to create a dramatic ‘visual effect’.

Valentine, along with two others, party guests Natalia Monkova and Yuri Alferov, were in the pool at the time the ice was poured in, and were thus left unable to breathe.

Ekaterina, a mother-of-two, has now shared a video revealing her heartbreak. She described the aftermath as a “nightmare” and said her and Valentin’s daughter, Nastya, had been asking questions.

Ekaterina, who is a qualified pharmacist, said:

“Valya is not with us any more. Or Natasha [Natalia]. Or Yura [Yuri]. I can’t tell you anything else. I have signed a ban to disclose any information. I can’t say anything.

“I did not cry yesterday… today I just exploded. I thought it was not true, it was a nightmare. Nastya woke up today – ‘Where is daddy?’ I do not know what to say to her… She is asking me:’Why are you crying?’”

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Можете поздравить мужа с днём рождения!!! Хоть, Валя часто остаётся за кадром- он отвечает за техническую часть блога (фото/видео) Если бы не он- мы бы не смогли так быстро запустить старт продаж моих руководств (он у меня мозг в компьютерных делах) Кстати, нашёл он себя только сейчас. . Он собирался поступать Таганрогский технический университет, но поступил в ПГТУ, отучился на бухгалтера, но не стал работать по профессии. Кстати, тогда бы мы не встретились, потому что я то училась в Пятигорском фарме. . Получил 2 вышку- инженер- электрик. Но, и эта профессия ему оказалась не по душе. И только сейчас мой мальчик начал находить себя. Хотел заниматься плотно IT, вот этим сейчас он и занимается. . Ему сегодня исполнилось… 23 или 32?? Ну, правильный ответ как всегда в сториз)

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As per reports, moments before the accident with the dry ice, guests had been celebrating while toasting Ekaterine on her birthday.

Valentin wanted to “create an impressive steam show” for party guests as they entered the pool, but the situation became dire the moment the dry ice was put in the water.

Dry ice is created by freezing carbon dioxide, which creates a heavy vapour when mixed with water. Mixed in poorly ventilated spaces, however, the combination can be lethal, as high levels of carbon dioxide enters a person’s blood stream.

Reports state the Russian Investigative Committee have confirmed a criminal case has been opened into causing death by negligence.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people affected by this terrible tragedy, not least Ekaterina, who lost her love on her birthday.

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