Tim Tebow helps 150 children get life-saving surgery through birthday fundraiser – help us pay tribute

Tim Tebow has long been known for his compassion when it comes to helping out those in need.

Whether it’s throwing his annual “Night to Shine” event – a prom night experience specifically designed for young adults with special needs – or running his foundation tailored towards improving the lives of children in need, he always comes through.

Which is why it should come as no surprise that he’s helped 150 children receive life-saving surgery through a fundraiser ran for his birthday.

Posted by Tim Tebow Foundation on Sunday, 18 August 2019

Tim Tebow celebrated his 32nd birthday on August 14, and decided there would be no better present for him than to help kids in the Philippines.

“I would love to celebrate 32 years of life by helping kids in their darkest hour of need,” Tebow explained in a video. “That is a true celebration!

“Without us, these kids in the Philippines wouldn’t be helped, wouldn’t be loved and wouldn’t receive the life-changing care they need.

Fundraiser begins

In a bid to get the ball rolling, Tebow posted to his Facebook on August 11: “TTF family – we need you! Tim has set an awesome challenge of raising $150,000 in celebration of his 32nd birthday to fund 150 life-changing surgeries for children in the Philippines who need our love & care! Whether you give or share, we are SO humbled and grateful for your support! Check out the link in our bio, or head over to Facebook to check out the fundraiser!”

Fast forward to the actual date of Tim’s birthday and the foundation’s drive had proven a major success.

“We [are] still just blown away by the support of Timmy’s 32nd birthday this past week,” the post read. “YOUR support is going to bring healing to more [than] 200 kids!

“Children that have been mocked, made fun of or seen as outcasts in their community and villages, all because they didn’t receive the medical care they needed, will now have a future filled with Faith, Hope & Love.”

All told, the foundation smashed its target, meaning that in excess of 200 children can benefit from life-changing help they wouldn’t have otherwise received.

Tim Tebow, we salute you, sir! Keep up the fantastic work!

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