Teen issues stark warning after photos of horrific sunburn go viral – and she wore sunscreen

As pleasurable as the sun is to enjoy, it is dangerous.

Those who want to continue turning a blind eye to that fact need only look at the pictures uploaded by 16-year-old Maisie Squires to see the gruesome reality.

Teenager Squires recently went on holiday to Cuba with her family. Whilst there, she went on a one-hour snorkelling expedition, taking care to wear sunscreen to protect herself from UV rays.

Nevertheless, she was left with hideous sun burn that forced her to seek medical help. The blisters on her back were bigger than golf balls.

**Warning, images in this article are graphic.

Squires was forced to endure a nine-hour flight back to the UK after the blisters had formed. She took to Facebook to show the extent of the damage done to her skin, and they certainly aren’t for the faint-hearted.

“So mind how swollen and disgusting my back looks, but this is what my sunburn turned into this morning just before a nine hour flight back home to England So shocked! A&E it is! (wear suncream),” she wrote.

“I was snorkelling for one hour and my back was showing, but I didn’t realise my back was burning and I did wear suncream. ‘I’ve blistered like that because the sun was very hot in Cuba on Tuesday and I have very fair skin.”

Facebook / Maisie Squires

Unsurprisingly, the pictures quickly went viral, with many urging Squires to seek out medical help immediately.

Facebook / Maisie Squires

Squires’ original post has over 10,000 shares, and serves as a stark reminder that people should always respect the sun. Maisie had sunscreen on, and still that damage was wrought.

According to Metro, Squires has confirmed that she visited a hospital upon her return to the UK.

“The blisters on my back are still very sore,” she said, “and I still cannot sit back or lay down on my back.

“I did not get them removed or anything as the hospital said to me that they will just have to pop on their own.”

We’re sending our thoughts in Maisie’s direction.

Please help us get her warning out, so that no one else is left with injuries like hers.

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