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Pregnant mom says unborn baby turned and stared at camera in ‘creepy’ 20-week scan

Baby scans are always an exciting time for expecting parents. The chance to see an image of your little one as it grows in the womb often brings home the reality of the sheer joy and promise.

And yet while most pregnancy scans are straight forward, some can contain surprises. In any case, that’s exactly what 34-year-old Jo Greer got when she went to the half-way scan to check everything was going according to plan.

Everything was fine with the baby, but Jo was left shocked when her baba appeared to be staring straight through the lens back at her.

The mom-to-be, who runs a dance and fitness studio in Plymouth, England, took to social media to share her image online. She explained how she wants to keep it for the baby’s 18th birthday.

Jo said: “It was quite creepy, it was a bit of a shock. Me and my partner just turned to each other and burst out laughing.”

“Apparently there’s nothing wrong with it, but we were told it is quite rare that the baby looks at the camera.”

Jo and her husband Clint Jones are keeping their baby’s gender a surprise, but we’re sure this future boy or girl will appreciate the hilarious memento.

Jo’s Facebook post read: “So we’ve all seen the standard, cute sideways scan pictures, but this is ours.

“Of course we got the usual scan pics, but then baby turned to face the camera which is apparently quite rare and highly amusing.”

We’re happy this young baby is healthy, in any case! We wish this family all the very best moving forward

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