Pabst Blue Ribbon has a surprising new product: boozy coffee.

Good ol’ PBR, the classic American beer, hipster favorite and staple of cheap dive bars across the nation. But just when you thought you knew Pabst, they come out with a surprising new product that’s sure to give you a jolt.

Get ready, world, because Pabst Hard Coffee is coming. The beer brand announced on July 1 that they would soon be releasing what sounds like a boozy iced latte.

“Pabst Blue Ribbon’s Hard Coffee will be among the first of its kind in the industry, a fun and deliciously unique drink made using Arabica and Robusta coffee beans and rich, creamy American milk,” the press release reads.

This gets the blue ribbon for strange yet intriguing ideas. The new drink has a 5% ABV, about the same you’d get from a can of classic PBR. So if you want to get buzzed and wake up but don’t have time to stop at a bar and a Starbucks, this might be the perfect solution for you. Certainly a classier solution than getting a Four Loko.

In a time when “hard” beverages are being sold as an alternative to beer (hard lemonade, spiked seltzer, etc) it makes sense that PBR would want to get in and try a product outside their flagship brand—they’re targeting modern drinkers who “demand great tasting products with flexibility and options for a range of lifestyles.”

“Pabst Blue Ribbon has always been a brand that pushes boundaries and celebrates those who experiment and try new things,” brand manager John Newhouse says. “Hard Coffee is an opportunity for us to pioneer a delicious and fun new drink, and give America something unique. We hope everyone loves it as much as we do.”

Time will tell if Pabst Hard Coffee becomes the next big thing. For now, the product is just being tested in a select markets.

But if you’re in one of those states and want to add a little variety to your next summer party—and maybe give your guests a nice caffeine boost—why not give Pabst Hard Coffee a try?

And then let the rest of us know how it is, because we’re very curious.

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