Owner puts his dog in the corner and starts to build, the resulting images have spread like wildfire

Buster the dog was stood timidly in a corner when his owner started to build a wooden frame around him.

According to Bored Panda, Buster hadn’t enjoyed a good upbringing, and had serious trust issues when it came to being alone around men.

Which is why his new owner decided to try something to restore his faith. By the time he was finished, Buster certainly knew he was in for a good life.

If a dog is abused or neglected by humans from birth, it can be difficult for them to regain the sense of trust other dogs are fortunate enough to have.

That was the case with 12-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Buster, who endured a terrible life before he was taken in by a shelter. Due to his bad experiences, Buster didn’t like to be left alone with people. His new owner, Sean, came up with a brilliant idea.

Sean Farrell, Buster’s new foster dad, wanted to train Buster so that the dog could trust in humans again. He wanted Buster to feel loved, and, above all else, wanted to prepare him for adoption into his forever home.

Feeling safe

As it turned out, Sean and Buster developed a strong bond with one another, and Sean came to realize that his was Buster’s forever home. As a result, he was keen to ensure that Buster felt perfectly comfortable in his new surroundings. He started to build Sean a “boudoir”.

“The boudoir was an idea to give Buster a cozy space of his own in the same room as me,” Sean said.

“To really let him know he can be safe around me and feel secure in his little den at the same time. (After finishing it), he went in there almost instantly. It has been a few weeks now and he’s happy to sleep and hang out in his house.”

Posted by Zook the General. & Sgt Buster on Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Buster had a great sense of anxiety when he was left alone with single men, and so Sean devised a plan for him to have a place where he could feel perfectly safe and secure.

Oh well that’s gratitude for you!!!Hong Kong Phooey Head has Bookaroo’d his window out! Not sure if his house has “acts of Dog” cover on the insurance policy.

Posted by Zook the General. & Sgt Buster on Saturday, 27 April 2019

Despite having no experience in carpentry, Sean built a cozy little space for Buster … one that’s absolutely brimming with love.

SNUG AS BUG IN A RUGIt kills me not to be able to go over and kiss and hug him !! I promised myself it’s his hooman free place ❤️

Posted by Zook the General. & Sgt Buster on Friday, 21 June 2019

Posted by Zook the General. & Sgt Buster on Sunday, 23 July 2017

It really looks like Buster loves his little home. He certainly seems to be content!

What a brilliant and big-hearted man Sean really is.

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