Non-alcoholic beer for dogs is now here, so you can crack open a cold one with your best friend

Sitting back and sipping on a cold one is one of life’s finer things, which is why it pains me to think of all the life forms out there that will never be able to enjoy it.

Well, dogs are joining the list of those that can – sort of – thanks to Megan and Steve Long, who created Good Boy Dog Beer.

That’s right, your four-legged friend can now crack one open with you too, meaning he/she never has to be left out.

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Megan and Steve Long created the beer after their own Rottweiler, Rocky, developed food allergies and stomach issues. It was their idea to better manage his diet by way of giving him homemade treats, and this eventually spawned the idea of creating a line of beers specifically for dogs.

On the couple’s website, Megan explained: “We needed to give him the vitamins and proteins that he still needed in a liquid form.”

“We talked to our vet, and our vet said the best, easiest thing to do was to just start making his own food and treats.”

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Posted by Good Boy Dog Beer on Monday, 11 March 2019

The ingredients of the beers, including chicken and pork meat, vegetables, herbs and spices, make them healthy for dogs, while also giving you a buddy to drink with when times get really desperate and all your other friends are busy.

Just picture the scene: it’s Friday night, you’re feeling sorry for yourself and you have a six-pack of beers to get through. Your dog comes up to you and looks up all doe-eyed. Thanks to Good Boy Dog Beer, you can both kick back and sink a few.

The doggy beers come in four flavours, including pork-based IPA Lot in the Yard (lol), chicken-based Mailman Malt Licker, vegetable flavoured Session Squirrel, and peanut-based Crotch Sniffin’ Ale.

Unsurprisingly, the beers have so far proved to be a massive hit, and the couple are upscaling their operation. Check out their website here if you’re interested!

Anyone else keen to crack open a cold one with their best four-legged friend?

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