Live rat falls from ceiling and onto customer’s table at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant

When we go to a eat out at a place like Buffalo Wild Wings, we expect good service, good food and possibly some good memories to take home.

What we don’t expect, in this dimension or indeed any other, is to have a rat drop from the ceiling and land smack bang in the center of the table.

That goes without saying, right? That’s a given in any establishment that involves customer service, right? Well, Alisha Norman, from Texas, found out the hard way that though it might be an unexpected turn of events, it’s certainly not beyond the realms of possibility.

Wikimedia (This is NOT the restaurant in question)

Norman was dining at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Los Angeles while on her vacation. Then, all of a sudden, an uninvited guest fell from the ceiling and plonked on her table. The identity of this unwanted stranger? A rat.

I know, I know, the mere thought chills me to the bone.

Reports claim the restaurant in question is now temporarily closing, but that does little to restore my appetite given what Norman went through.

Norman herself, however, doesn’t seem all that fazed. “I knew the rat was going to be injured because it hit like a mack truck,” she told NBC.

Credit: Pixabay

“So what do you do when a rat falls from the ceiling onto your table?” she wrote in a Facebook post (one that has since been deleted). “Really LA? I was just trying to watch the soccer game.”

Apparently, the manager picked up the rat with two plates and then dumped it in the trash. Norman later said she’s not mad, and that she’s appreciative the manager took care of her bill for her.

A spokesperson for the chain, meanwhile, blamed the rat’s presence on construction work nearby the restaurant.

The statement read: “The isolated incident at the Westchester-area Buffalo Wild Wings in Los Angeles yesterday was unfortunate. The center where the restaurant is located is undergoing significant construction, and we are confident it was directly relate.

“We hold Buffalo Wild Wings to the highest operating standards and promptly closed the restaurant for proper remediation, cleaning, and sanitization. We look forward to reopening soon to once again serve our guests in the Westchester area.”

I don’t know about you, but dining in the presence of rats is not something I want to be a party to.

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