Mom shares a ‘few choice words’ after pranksters throw toilet paper all over her yard

Rarely do people like to be on the receiving end of a prank, especially if it’s a classic toilet paper prank.

One mom from San Clemente, California recently shared of photo of her house, a victim of some pranksters, and her response went viral.

On June 14, Aubrey Dupree Seymour shared a photo of her front yard covered in toilet paper to the San Clemente Life Facebook group.


Except, her reaction was far from angry. In fact, she commended the kids who toilet papered her house for the “AMAZING” job.

“You have given me faith that there are still youths that choose to go ABOVE and BEYOND,” she wrote.

But she vowed to get back at the culprits with her own “Costco size supply of TP.”

To the kids that TP’d our house last night, I have a few choice words for you…AMAZING job, you have given me faith…

Posted by Aubrey Dupree Seymour on Friday, 14 June 2019

Her photo and reaction to the mess was met with praise, a welcome change from the quick condemnation of children’s behavior that we usually see.

“My response was not to get angry,” Aubrey said via email, according to FOX 11. “Nowadays we are so quick to condemn kids for the things they do. Trust me my kids are not perfect but there are so many choices kids can make that are not always the best.”

The four pranksters used 72 rolls of toilet paper.

Aubrey said her family knows who threw toilet paper over every possible branch in their front yard and plan on getting them back at some point.

So, pranksters, you better sleep with one eye open!

What a great attitude!

Would you have the same reaction if someone threw toilet paper all over yard?

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