Man tries to open beer using chopstick, and it does not go well at all

Since the dawn of time man has been mixing alcohol with bad decisions.

You’re only ever one quick YouTube search away from a compilation of beer lovers making some rather questionable decisions, and I can’t count how many hours of my live have been spent laughing at friends who are about to do something they probably shouldn’t be.

Well, if beer and cringeworthy moments is your tipple, then you’ve come to the right place. This article involves a somewhat ambitious trend of people trying to open their beers with, wait for it … chopsticks.

As if lighters, teeth, coins and rings weren’t cool enough, Asian eating utensils are apparently the in thing. Or at least they were quickly becoming the in thing. 

Now? We’re not so sure, since one man managed to impale himself through his hand in a truly brutal way.

Xiong Zhenfei, a hand and foot surgeon at the Xiaoshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hangzhou, capital of East China’s Zhejiang Province, took to social media to share some rather gruesome looking images of a man he treated recently.

The unnamed patient had reportedly been trying to open his beer with a chopstick and, well, it did not go well.

It took Dr. Zhenfei half an hour to remove the chopstick from the man’s hand, and when he was done he wasn’t sure if the victim would suffer any long-term damage or not.

“He looked pretty calm, probably because he had had too much to drink and was numbed by the alcohol,” he said.

“The chopstick was about two centimetres deep in his palm and was bulging on the back of his hand. He said it hurt a lot and wanted me to pull it out. I asked how it happened, and he said he tried to show off by opening his third beer with a chopstick.

“He hit the bottom of the chopstick too hard and it went into his palm. His fingers were numb – likely due to nerve damage.

“I was supposed to cut his palm open to check for nerve damage, but he refused and left the following morning. So it’s hard to say whether he will suffer any long-term effects from the injury.”

Watch below to see how it’s *supposed to be done:

Yes, before you say it, we agree that looks painful. On the plus side, the man does now have a really good drunken story to tell.

What do we think, beer worshippers, worth it or no? What’s the worst beer-related accident you’ve seen?

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