Man captures once in a lifetime sight beneath sea after spotting swarm of seagulls circling above

There’s nothing like witnessing wild animals, first-hand, in their natural habitat. I can think of few things that leave one as mesmerized and enchanted.

I had the experience of sighting wild dolphins in the Red Sea once, and it was an unforgettable moment I will forever cherish.

Here’s a moment one man and his boating friends will definitely, absolutely never forget.

While boating off the coast of Seward, Alaska, Brad Rich and his boat companions had noticed something strange in the water far off in the distance. So they decided to come closer and explore further. Brad begins filming the scene around him.

A swarm of seagulls are seen circling nearby — and experienced Brad knows this can only mean one thing: humpback whales must be near.

But little could he and said company have imagined just how near.

YouTube/Brad Rich

As he starts shooting the video, the birds get more and more excited… And suddenly, he hears the incredible.

“I hear ’em… Holy s***,” he says, unable to contain his excitement.

YouTube/Brad Rich

Sure enough in a sudden, heart-pounding moment, Brad witnessed as a pod of whales chased up their meals from the deep blue sea.

The sighting only lasts a few seconds, but my, will the memory last him forever!

See the extraordinary sight in the video below, keeping in mind Brad can’t contain his excitement and does utter some curse words. But, who can blame him?

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