A Heart Touching Rescue of A Red Deer From The Frozen Siberian River

On November 17, an incident happened in Siberia which has proved that there’s still humanity left inside the hearts of modern human beings. In various parts of the globe, we have seen that how animals have been treated brutally. People don’t even think twice to hurt animals. So helping them is way far to imagine. Anyway, but in Siberia, four men worked really hard to rescue a red deer from the frozen water.

The footage clearly depicts that the red deer was floating in the frozen river of Barguzin which is near the Ulan-Ude. Yes, you’re right! The east Siberian part of Russia. The area seemed still as if very few people visit there.

We must say that the four men who saved the deer’s life are a real hero. You know why? Because they tolerated continuous four hours of cold biting winds. Moreover, in 4 hours, they worked hard to carve out a path out of frozen water in order to pull it out completely. It hasn’t shown clearly whether one person carved the path with a chainsaw or they did alternatively. However, it seems that they did this in an alternative manner because four hour is a pretty much long time for a single person.

As they finally carved the path, they tied a rope to the deer’s thorns to pull it out from the river. Once the deer was pulled out, they saw that the deer was near to death. However, one of them didn’t give up and tried to rub the deer to revive its blood circulation.

They rescuers also lit up a fire to provide warmth to that deer in a faster way. Eventually, the warmth brought the deer back to life. They together decided to take that beer in town for the recuperation and drying process. So they put it on the wooden flying saucer which was tied to the car with a rope.

Now in order to warm the deer from inside, they fed it up with somewhat around 150 grams of lard and vodka. That’s what we heard from the Aleksej Baluev’s mouth. Yes, the filmer who filmed all the scene on the spot. In addition to this, one of their team members also rubbed the heel of deer against the ground in order to create warmness using friction.

They spent some time with the deer and pondered it with their humanity. And as most of the stories have a happy ending, ours have it too. At last, when rescuers felt that it was recovered and able to move freely, they released it. Now the question is where? Right? They released it back into the forest. You can see at the end of the video, how happy and energized the deer was. We can bet that you will also feel the optimism and maybe some goosebumps on your skin too. Their efforts ultimately saved the life of an animal.

We should say thanks to Aleksej Baluev, the rescue team which consists the workers from the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, local volunteers, and veterans.


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