Forget about your sorrow and trouble: Here are 10 pictures of BBQs that will make you forget it’s Monday

Nothing screams summer quite like being able to have a dreamy BBQ.

Of course, after a weekend of being an absolute boss of your grill, there’s nothing worse than coming into work on Monday tired, drained and uninspired (unless, of course, you work as a grill master).

So, with that in mind, we thought it would be a good thing to give you something to get your teeth into (unfortunately it’s not BBQ’d food). Here are 10 images that will make you forget it’s Monday.

1. How to grill in Australia

2. Grillator, anyone?

3. Croatians know how to grill

4. On the job

5. Everyone gets a taste

6. A lamb in a pig, a pig in a cow

7. Just … beautiful

8. For the vegos

9. No such thing as “too big”

10. Just because

What’s your favorite way to grill? Share your comments in the box below.


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