Five Guys staff sees a customer too weak to order—so they feed him a free meal

Customers at a Five Guys in Detroit got more than just a burger last month, when they witnessed an inspiring random act of kindness between the staff and one of their patrons.


It was late June, at the Five Guys in Detroit’s Greektown neighborhood. Justin Hollon, the franchise’s general manager, saw a familiar face at the burger joint: a man named Leonard. But he noticed that the customer wasn’t all well.

“This time when he came in, he was having trouble ordering, saying he was sick,” Justin told FOX 2 Detroit.

As Leonard struggled to get his order out, Justin decided to give him the full meal: a burger done “all the way” (topped with all the classic ingredients), plus fries and a drink.

And it was all free-of-charge. “He was so unwell that he couldn’t even process the order himself,” Justin said. “So we just gave it to him.”

But Leonard was so sick that he was unable to feed himself. That’s when the staff stepped up once again: Justin fed the man his food and drink.

For the manager, it was just a matter of taking corporate policy to heart:

“At Five Guys we don’t have — or believe in canned interactions but in the genuine interactions,” Justin told Liftable. “All of our interactions are genuine.”

“Every guest is special to us,” he told FOX 2. Another customer caught the inspiring scene, and took photos, ensuring that Justin’s thankless deed would get the recognition it deserved.


After the story was spread and picked up by news outlets, Justin was a little surprised that people were making such a big deal of it:

“It came as a surprise to me, that so many are surprised to see this level of service for our guests,” he told Liftable.

However, he’s glad to see an uplifting story making the rounds—especially coming out of Detroit.

“What I am most grateful for is the impact the story has had on my team,” Justin said. “Too often my staff and I hear negative stories about the city we call home and often morale is lowered because ‘who wants to work in that environment.’”

It goes to show the difference a small act of kindness can have not just on one person’s life, but on a whole community.

“I believe that every person has the ability to make an impact on a person’s life through small acts, like this one,” Justin said.

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