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Feel the crave: White Castle will sell their own beer that ‘goes well with the burgers’

After a night of drinking, there’s no tastier food in the world than fast food. There’s plenty of options to choose from—Taco Bell is a good choice, McDonald’s is classic—and yet, there’s always a place in America’s hearts for White Castle. What better way to satisfy the munchies than a whole sack of tiny cheeseburgers at 1 in the morning?

White Castle has always been a prime destination for the inebriated, it’s not surprising that they’re finally catering to this demographic… by selling their own brand of beer.

The fast food chain has teamed up with Weyerbacher Brewing Company to create their own brand of beer to be sold in 400 of their locations across 13 states, Fox Business reported.

The plan is still in its early phases, and there’s no exact date when we’ll see a rollout, although rumors suggest next year, and the company implied that it will be available by their 100th anniversary celebration.

“As we prepare to celebrate our 100th birthday in 2021, we are in the midst of planning lots of fun initiatives and surprises,”  a White Castle spokesman told Fox Business.

“It’s too early for us to comment on any specifics about how widely available a White Castle inspired beer might be in our restaurants, but we’re enjoying the creative process we’re working on right now in real-time.”

But Weyerbacher did have some details on what their first beer will look and taste like: “We did a pilot brew for them, a kölsch that they loved, so that’s gonna be the first beer,” brewery COO Josh Lampe told Brewbound.

He also added this all-important detail: “It goes well with burgers.”

They’ll be the latest fast food restaurant to start selling alcohol, a trend that’s becoming more and more common. Taco Bell serves beer and frozen mixed drinks at its “Cantina” locations, and you can buy beer at chains like Chipotle and Shake Shack.

But while they’re not the first to get in on the action, there’s still something exciting about the idea of getting a big ol’ Crave Case and getting a taste-paired beer with it right there in the restaurant.

We’ll have to wait and see how it turns out when the beer rolls out in the next year or so. No word on if it will be available in pints or as a crate of tiny beer bottles.

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