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Dick Van Duke looks great after turning 94, ventures out to run his own errands

Dick Van Dyke might be the grand old age of 94, but he’s not letting Father Time slow him down.

The legendary actor, famed for his roles in such flicks as Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, as well as numerous others, celebrated turning 104 on Friday.

He was recently spotted in Malibu, out and about to pick up groceries and a smoothie.

“At his age you would assume he would have an assistant or helper running around,” an eyewitness says, according to Daily Mail.

“But no, he looks determined to do it all, and with a smile on his face.”

Van Dyke has proven over the years that longevity is something he has. According to reports, he still drives his own car, while there was no walking aid in sight as he took to the town to buy the aforementioned groceries.

“I’m sure his years of dancing has helped him stay strong and fit,” an observer told the Daily Mail. “He’s obviously making sure he’s eating the right things. But most importantly, he looks happy, that may be key to his long life.”

We hope Dick Van Dyke remains happy and active for many years to come.

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