Custodian sees 4th grader with autism lying alone on school floor, and mom’s photo is now going viral

When we do, it’s up to our fellow students and our teachers to rally around us, pick us up, and do whatever it takes to keep us going.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, of course, but there remain good people in the world endeavouring to spread positivity.

Mrs. Ether, a custodian at Melba Passmore Elementary School, is one of those people.

When she spotted Kenlee, a young student with autism, struggling, she did what was necessary to make her feel comfortable. Kenlee’s mom, Hollie Bellew-Shaw, couldn’t be more thankful.

Nine-year-old Kenlee, who suffers from autism, was having a rough day of things. She found herself particularly struggling with the noise of the cafeteria, and so lay on the stage with a blanket in an attempt to shield herself from her surroundings.

Mrs. Ether happened to spot her and, instead of simply ignoring her, or telling her to get up, she did the one thing she thought might help the situation.

In a display of compassion and thoughtfulness, Mrs. Ether lay herself down on the floor beside Kenlee, holding her to make sure she was okay.

Mom Hollie got wind of the incident and uploaded a picture to social media, one which was then shared by the Alvin Independent School District’s Facebook page. Their post is quickly gaining traction online, and for all the right reasons.

Sometimes you just need to take a break! When Kenlee, a Passmore Elementary 4th grader, was having a rough day, Mrs….

Posted by Alvin Independent School District on Friday, 13 September 2019

“Sometimes you just need to take a break! When Kenlee, a Passmore Elementary 4th grader, was having a rough day, Mrs Esther, a custodian at the school, got on the floor with her and just held her.

“Kenlee’s mother, Hollie Bellew-Shaw, posted this picture on social media to show the compassion and love Alvin ISD employees show to their students.

“This goes to show you that a kind word, a hug, and a little compassion are all it takes to make a huge difference in a child’s life.”

Speaking to ABC13, Hollie explained how her daughter has a special bond with Mrs. Ether, one strengthened by three years of trust and unity.

Way to go Mrs. Ether, this is a perfect example of someone going above and beyond their daily duties to ensure the world is a better place.

Kenlee is lucky to have you in her life, and we’re sure all will agree you’re doing the right thing.

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