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‘Cross of Jesus’ stands tall and gives hope to community after Dallas tornado rips roof off church

Sunday night a violent storm system tore through Dallas, Texas. The severe storms spawned multiple tornadoes, including one EF-3 tornado that stayed on the ground for 15 miles and left behind a path of destruction.

Thousands lost power, countless structures were heavily damaged or destroyed, but thankfully no one was killed.

“I think we should consider ourselves very fortunate that we did not lose any lives – no fatalities and no serious injuries – in last night’s storms. I think we should all be very grateful for that,” Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said.

Northway Church in Northwest Dallas was one of many buildings that suffered major damage. But there was at least one item inside the church that was left untouched–a wooden cross.

“For me and for our church, it’s a symbolic source of encouragement,” Shea Sumlin, the church’s lead pastor, told Fox News. “Christ and His cross is what still stands for us.”

“Here an F-3 tornado ripped off our roof…yet here’s this wooden cross, that I have no idea how it didn’t get picked up,” he said. “Even though our building is broken, our body is as whole and alive as we’ve ever been because of the hope of Jesus Christ.”

Now, as the community cleans up and begins the rebuilding process, the “cross of Jesus,” which was made by a member when the church opened 10 years ago, serves as a sign of strength.

Since the tornado ripped through the area, members of the church have been helping their community. On Wednesday, Northway Church along with First Mexican Baptist Church, and local several businesses provided dinner for those affected by the storm.

“We are in this community together and we’re all suffering together. That’s a common foundation that we have right now,” Sumlin told NBC DFW.

Incredible! This is truly a miracle. I pray that this community is able to recover from this devastation.

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