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Bodybuilding grandma, 76, eats strictly ‘nude food diet’ to keep in shape – smashes all stereotypes

Age is really just a number and 76-year-old Janice Lorraine is living proof of it!

The bodybuilding grandma has become an inspiration to thousands of others, proving that you can be strong and beautiful in your latter years.

She strikes a very impressive pose and continues to show the world what a woman of her age can achieve with some hard work and determination.

Thanks to modern medicine, the average human’s life expectancy is an astonishing 79 years old.

Human lifespans are increasing by approximately three years every generation and this trend is likely to continue. Pretty amazing, right?

These days, a lot of elderly people live well into their 80s in developed nations. They are are in good health and many live in their own homes.

But Janice Lorraine, the grandma of three, from Sydney, Australia, is still smashing a lot of stereotypes of what the older generation can achieve physically if they put their minds to it.

After she watched an old woman struggling with her mobility, Janice Lorraine vowed to stave off that future for as long as possible.

When she was 55 years old, she took up Weight Resistance Training – and she only got more interested as she grew older.

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After a career as a psychologist she decided that she wanted to be a bodybuilder.

Since then she has won 12 world titles and competed in the INBA World Pro-Am Championships.

“My aim is not to rival those younger than me. My aim is to show what’s possible and to motivate and encourage women of any age, to live the life they want to live and not be bound by traditional stereotypes and roles and the expectations of others,” Janice said, according to TipHero.

To maintain their physique and strong body, Lorraine consumes what she calls “Natural Nude food diet”.  That means that se eats mainly salads with a small portion of sweet potatoes and either a choice of grilled chicken, fish, or steak.

In this diet, not processed foods, sauces or condiments are allowed. But that doesn’t mean Jannice can’t enjoy her meals.

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She often enjoys her dinner with a glass of red wine and she likes to treat herself with a square of sugar-free chocolate with high cocoa content.

Most of the feedback Lorraine receives is positive, but unfortunately, not everyone is positive about her. Janice have to deal with critics and trolls – mainly from men.

“I get called old duck, old bag, old chook,” Lorraine told 7News.

I’m so impressed to see how Janice happily embraces the role as a stereotype buster. According to herself, Janice seeks to encourage and motivate her fellow women of any age to join her in living a healthy and happy life.

What a role model!

Please share to inspire others! Even if you don’t want to become a bodybuilder, you can always do something that makes you feel that bit better and stronger.

This super woman is a living proof!

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