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Baby born deaf smiles at parents when they turn on her hearing aids for the very first time

A newborn baby brings so much joy into a couple’s life; they change every day and are delighted by each new discovery they make.

For Louise and Paul Addison, from Harrogate, England, their baby girl was born completely deaf and for the first six weeks of her life she wasn’t able to delight in new sounds and experiences.

But at six weeks old baby Georgina was fitted with two hearing aids and was able to hear for the first time. This precious moment was caught on camera and her response is lifting the hearts of millions around the world.

The video shows the delighted baby girl squealing with joy when she hears voices for the first time. After it was posted on social media, it quickly went viral.

Credit: SWNS
YouTube/Sky News

Her mom Louise described the moment Georgina turned her head when she heard her parents’ voices.

“We’d never seen her turn toward sound before and it was just brilliant,” Louise told Sky News.

For her dad, 32-year-old Paul, says the morning routine now “fills his heart with joy.”

‘It fills my heart with joy’

He added, according to LadBible, “It’s like she’s having the lights switched on and she can hear her mom’s voice. She is instantly delighted and becomes much happier straight away.

“It fills my heart with joy and you just can’t put a price on things like this.

“Every morning she reacts like it’s a completely new experience and that will never get old.”

After posting the video their parents spoke of the comfort they had from other people who have shared similar experiences.

“When she first got diagnosed we were looking for other people’s stories because you want to know that everything is going to be okay,” Louise told Sky News.

Connecting to the world around you

The feeling of pure joy when you hear for the first time and the connection you experience is something that many deaf people can relate to.

Anita Grover from Auditory Verbal UK said “As someone who is profoundly deaf myself I can relate to that and how it makes a connection into the world around you.”

See the wonderful moment for yourself in the clip below.

I could watch this beautiful reaction all day, it fills my heart with joy.

Please share with your friends and family and help bring a smile to their faces.

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