6-year-old crowned a hero after rescuing toddler from near-drowning

When Jordan Harris was crowned a hero, he was only 6 years old, proving there’s no age requirement to be a hero. All it takes is someone willing to risk their safety for someone else.

The first grader received recognition for his brave act not only from his teacher, but from the local police department and his town’s mayor.

Jordan was playing in the swimming pool at Walnut Hills Campground in Durand, Michigan over the Memorial Day Weekend when he spotted a toddler in distress.

“I was trying to climb up the slide. I saw him drowning I went — I just like I jumped down to something, I got in the water and then I picked him up,” he told WJRT.

Jordan brought the boy, who he thought was around 3 years old, to a shallower part of the water after he saw him struggling to stay above the water.

Jordan’s mom believes the toddler wasn’t wearing a life jacket.

“I see him come up with a kid out of the water — I mean just out of nowhere,” Jordan’s mom, Kimberly said.

After Jordan pulled the toddler to safety, the boy ran off as if nothing happened.

While Jordan is not particularly phased about the life-saving action he took, his mother is amazed that her son was capable of rescuing someone.

“He’s just way too embarrassed about it and doesn’t think he did anything that anybody else wouldn’t do,” she said. “I mean it is amazing that someone that young can do something like that.”

For his heroic actions, Jordan received a certificate and stuffed animal from the Durand police chief and his teacher. He also received a proclamation of recognition from the town’s mayor.

Jordan is a hero!

Let’s praise him for saving this toddler’s life.

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