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4-year-old’s vision ‘fully returned’ after she lost her eyesight from the flu

At the start of 2020, four-year-old Jade DeLucia’s story caught the nation’s attention. Shortly before Christmas she complained that she didn’t feel well and it wasn’t long before her parents found her unresponsive.

Jade was flown to the hospital where she was diagnosed with influenza B, and as a result she suffered many complications. One of those complications was the loss of her sight.

But her family recently shared some good news, Jade regained her sight!

Not long after she left the hospital, her family noticed Jade doing things that her neurologist warned might not be possible.

“She was following people around, she was giving high fives, and it was awesome,” Amanda Phillips, Jade’s mom, told KCRG. “It was so cool she was able to see again, it was the best thing.”

According to a GoFundMe page set up for Jade and her family, Jade slipped into a coma after contracting influenza B. Doctors were unsure of her prognosis and warned her parents that Jade may not be the same.

“For about four hours it was really rough, we weren’t really sure if we were going to lose her there, they actually had to have two crash carts in there,” Amanda said.

But 11 days later she woke up. Five days later she was walking and talking. And after only a few more days she was allowed to go home. Days later her sight began to return.

Courtney Frey, Jade’s grandmother, shared in a Facebook group dedicated to Jade’s journey, that while the four-year-old’s sight has “fully returned,” she is still suffering from some brain damage as a result of the flu.

Since having the flu she was also diagnosed with acute necrotizing encephalopathy (ANE), a rare disease brought on by a viral infection.

“She is not the great independent conversationalist who knows her numbers and letters, but we are continuing to believe and hope in her full recovery. She is full of love, giggles, and snuggles and is an incredible light. We don’t take that for granted!”

I pray that Jade continues to heal and that her family finds the strength they need. Share this post to send your prayers to Jade and her family.

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