11 inspirational quotes about BEER that will make you forget it’s Monday

The fact that beer is one of the most perfect things we’ve ever created will come as nothing new to most of you. It was a certain genius who once said: “Bacon can’t solve all of our problems, that’s why we have beer.”

Over the years, the amber nectar has been cherished, loved, and adored by people all over the world. It might be a relatively simple drink to make, but it can also lay claim to being pure magic in a glass.

Which is why days like today (a Monday) can serve as the ideal time in which to remind ourselves about the pure beauty of the drink we all know and love. So, get ready, for here comes 11 ingenious quotes about beer that will wash that sour, beginning-of-the-week, taste right out of your mouth … and put a golden smile on your lips.

1. Best friends

2. Fake news


4. Bob

5. Love salad

6. Like a nurse

7. Breakfast

8. Rookie

9. One thing every man needs to know

10. Science can’t be wrong

11. Warning

So, there we have it … I sincerely hope you now have beer on the brain.

Which is your favorite quote? Let us know in the comments box.


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