These stunning vanilla strawberry hydrangeas would be the sweetest addition to your garden

As we get ready to say goodbye to balmy August we can look forward to more civilized temperatures and being able to spend more time outside.

For those of us that love nothing better than sitting in our yard then you’ll know how important it is to be surrounded by beautiful things to look at.

But beautiful flowers can be hard work and the more we have the more danger we’re in of working too hard in our yard rather than enjoying it.

If this is a concern of yours then look no further than the stunning vanilla strawberry hydrangeas that not only look the part but are easy to grow.

The American Nursery and Landscape Association named the vanilla strawberry the plant of the year, according to Tip Hero.

Also known as the Paniculata Renhy the colors on this beautiful plant evolve over time.

Avalon’s Garden/Flickr

They start off as white with a hint of pink and as it grows the pink becomes more prominent and the color gets deeper with time.

This beautiful bloom is actually very low maintenance; all it requires is a decent amount of space, as they can grow to about 6ft wide, and a sunny spot.

Plant them at least six feet away from other plants, keep them watered after you’ve planted them and continue watering through the hot days of summer.

When winter brings its frost, you can leave them alone, safe in the knowledge that they’ll reappear in all their glory next year.


I would like to know what you think of the vanilla strawberry hydrangea? Is this something you would like to add to your garden? What’s your favorite kind of flower?

Please share with all the green thumbs and floral fanciers you know!

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