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Texas stripper breaks jaw, teeth and sprains ankle after falling from 15-foot pole in routine

The Texas stripper seen falling from a 15-foot tall pole in a clip that went viral over the weekend says she is okay.

As per reports, the dancer, identified as Genea, suffered numerous injuries after falling from the pole at a club in Dallas, Texas.

Twitter user @xvreae uploaded footage of the accident, showing Genea falling from a great height. The video was seen by hundreds of thousands of people over the weekend.

According to News4Santonio, however, Genea has since posted a video to her Instagram account to allay fears.

The stripper can be seen sporting chipped teeth, while she needed stitches on her chin.

“I pretty much broke my jaw and I have to have surgery on it tomorrow (Monday),” Genea said in the video. “I broke some teeth and I got a sprained an ankle. But aside from I got some stitches, but aside from that I’m good. I have no broken limbs, I walked away myself. I got up right after it happened.”

A follow-up post confirmed surgery on her jaw went well, with Genea now in recovery.

Her Instagram account also provided a link to a GoFundMe page set up to help cover her medical bills. We’re just glad to know she escaped serious injury, and we wish her all the best moving forward.

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