Remembering Best Friends from school


Friends are one of the greatest assets of our life. When you have the true ones, appreciate the. Some people often regard friendship as not appropriate. Some parents go to the extent of making sure that their children don’t have one.

Man is a social being; he is not an island; he needs the help of others to be better. Even in the bible, God knew this after creating Adam. God knew Adam needed a companion and a helpmate. He then created Eve.

God made it so at the beginning that we all need friends. Our destiny is always intertwined with people. You can’t make it work without the help of someone, and that person is no other person but your friend.

A friend is like your sister or brother, which might not be of the same blood. But they understand you and ready to help out any way they can in times of need.

Best friends are one of the people who we hold to our heart. They always seem to be in our hearts forever.

I remember where my friendship with my best friend started. It was all from high school. I never envisioned her being my source of strength. We found out our souls understood each other and had a common goal, that’s how we came to be.

She has been all that I ever asked for the past 16 years. We always have breaches and endless arguments, but that doesn’t change who she is to me. I bet nothing can separate us if not death.

I love you, best friend.  


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