Real is Naked and Proud… That is What I look For

We have all heard that we should always look for the good in others. This is good as we cannot jump into conclusion when we meet people. It is good that we see the good in others and also look for it. Life has, however, taught me that sometimes, fake could be dressed up as good. Instead of seeing the good in people, what we see is the fake that has been dressed up as good. Surprisingly, people think it is okay to pretend to be good. They go the extra mile to appear good, effectively deceiving everyone they come across. I used to be so sure that when you look closely at people, you will be able to tell who they are. I believe that it is not right to judge people at first glance. I also believe that everyone has good inside of them, and i ill always look at people through the eye of God. What I cannot stand, however, is the falsehood that a lot of people have decided the adapt—the falsehood of pretending to have good within whereas there was absolutely nothing.

Real is naked and proud

These days, I look for real. I like real. Real does not pretend to be good. Real shows itself as it is. Real does not put up fronts or create an illusion. Real is raw, real is not perfect in any way. When i come across people who are real, I can see the goodness in them because i do not have to look for it. In their realness, they bare naked everything about themselves. Good and bad. There is no need to search beneath the surface with people who are real. They keep nothing beneath the surface They are an open book, and that is refreshing. Where people who dress up the fake and pass it off as good always try to present a perfect picture, people who are real are not concerned about the perfect image. No. They know they are not perfect, and they spend their time working on their selves. They do not waste time trying to paint a perfect picture. With people who are real, you see the imperfections. They bare the scars, and they wear the scars proudly. Their imperfections drive home their humanity. Their lack of pride or falsehood drives home their strength.Their inability to pass off a fake picture of perfection drives home their integrity. When I realized that the good in others could be easily found in people who are real, I stopped searching for the good in others. Instead, i started looking for people who re real. People who have no pretentious bone in their body. It made it easier for me to relate to them. When people give you an air of false perfection, it puts you in a tight corner. Their perfection can make it hard for you to relate with them. With people who are real, relating is easy. They do not put on airs. You do not have to pretend to be who you are not.

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