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Prince William breaks royal rule to take a selfie with a young fan

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Us mere mortals can only look on in awe and sometimes puzzlement at the institution of The Royal Family.

They are cherished and admired, not least for their representation of Britain’s extensive history, but they often seem too far removed from the lives the rest of us live.

Being a royal isn’t just about taking private jets to exotic destinations and wearing beautiful jewels, they also have to follow an extensive list of rules. From not being allowed to discuss politics in public to following a strict dress code the list of dos and don’ts for the royal family is long.

Included in this list is not being allowed to take or take part in selfies. But Prince William decided to break that protocol and show us what a man of the people he really is when he made a young royal fan’s day.

The Duke of Cambridge met sports-mad Jennifer Malone during a tour of Ireland. She handed him a bouquet of daffodils and told him to give them to the Duchess of Cambridge to which the 37-year-old prince gave her a hug.

He then agreed to take a selfie with her, much to the delight of the youngster.

Prince William Breaks Royal Protocol To Have Selfie With Fan

Jennifer’s proud mom Donna Malone shared the snaps on Twitter with the words “A really nice guy #RoyalVisitIreland.” They have been liked more than 1,000 times.

One person said: “Jennifer you must be one amazing and beautiful young lady Obviously even Prince William couldn’t wait to take a selfie with you!! The Sweetest. Favourite post so far.”

Another said: “Beautiful pics Jennifer. Agree, William is kind, friendly and classy. A good man.”

A third added: “Fabulous pictures & lovely to have, isn’t he a gent & wasn’t he lucky to meet you.”

Jennifer isn’t new to the world of celebrity selfies. Last year she had a selfie with Australian movie star Hugh Jackman which he shared after with the words: “Hi Jennifer. Thanks so much for taking a picture with me. You’re awesome. Love HJ.”

The royal couple were never without a smile on their faces as they spent three days touring this beautiful country. On the last day of their visit they shared a romantic snap with the caption in English and Irish: “Thank you to all the wonderful people we met in Ireland.”

I love anything that involves these two warm-hearted people who radiate so much happiness. Please share with all the royal fans you know.


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