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Police find 3 ‘kidnapped’ children after mom’s call, but they beg not to be taken back home

Parents are supposed to protect and nurture their children. That’s simply nature’s way of ensuring a species continues for generations to come.

For the vast majority of us, loving and doting upon our sons and daughters comes without even having to think about it. We love them from the first moment they open their eyes, often many months before that, and so the idea of them being hurt or neglected simply doesn’t sit well.

Some people, however, don’t feel the same way. Or if they do, it certainly isn’t reflected in their behavior.

Diana Azizova / VK

According to reports, a woman from Russia used a vicious dog to keep her kids locked within their home for 10 years.

55-year-old Dina Azizova, from the city of Ust-Katav, had three children, but didn’t let any of them leave their home for a decade.

Reports name the children as Darina, 20, Damir, 15, and Alina Aliev, 11. They didn’t attend school and had been imprisoned within the house. They were permitted to go into the garden, but only while under the supervision of an aggressive dog.

Diana Azizova / VK

Then, on November 6, Azizova herself contacted the Ust-Katav police department to report that her children had been kidnapped.

The three siblings were found the very same day, though officers grew suspicious when they begged not to be taken home.

Media sources appear to claim that the three children had ran away from their home when Azizova was out shopping. They later told how they had been kept as prisoners, under the watch of a fierce dog and security cameras that monitored the property.

When questioned, Azizova told local police officers: “You may put me in jail if you want to, but I wanted the best for them all the time.”

Diana Azizova’s daughter. Credit / YouTube

The following morning, Azizova set fire to the house the family had been living in, before committing suicide. As per RT, neither authorities nor her neighbors knew about the imprisoned siblings.

Darina, Damir, and Alina Aliev are now receiving psychological treatment following their ordeal.

We might never understand why Azizova did what she did in locking her children inside their own home for so long.

All we can do now is pray that they can move forward and overcome the trauma dealt unto them.

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