People will always notice the change

1. You’ll end up really disappointed if you think people will do for you as you do for them. Not everyone has the same heart as you.

2. “Life has taught me that you can’t control someone’s loyalty. No matter how good you are to them, doesn’t mean that they will treat you the same. No matter how much they mean to you, doesn’t mean that they will value you the same. Sometimes the people you love the most, turn out to be the people you can trust the least.” ― Trent Shelton

3. People will always notice the change in your attitude towards them, but they will never notice it’s their behavior that made you change.

4. When you have a good heart; You help too much, you trust too much, you give too much, you love too much and it seems like you’re the one who gets hurt the most.

5. Not everyone has the same heart as you if you think that everyone will do for you what you do for them. Sweetheart, you are wrong. Do good to people because you are a good person, and what they do in return shouldn’t change the fact that you are a good person. – Thesilentukht

6. Never expect to get what you give, not everyone has a heart like you.

7. Live long enough and you’ll disappoint everyone. People think you’re able to help them and usually, you can’t. And so it becomes a process of choosing the one or two people you try hardest not to disappoint. The person in my life I am determined not to disappoint is you. ― Dave Eggers

8. Some people aren’t loyal to you, they are loyal to their need of you. Once their needs change, so does their loyalty.

9. Nobody goes through more crap in life than a person with a good heart.

10. Not everyone will have the heart you have. Not everyone will appreciate you and what you do for them. Sometimes it won’t be easy having a kind heart in a cruel world. Be prepared. ―  Tony A. Gaskins Jr

11. Some won’t appreciate you no matter how much you do for them. Release yourself. Go where you’re appreciated and understood. – Robert Tew

12. You see a person’s true colors when you are no longer beneficial to their life. ― Lovely Goyal


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