People love playing the victim

Have you ever been in any situation, where you have tagged the culprit all because of your gender?

I never thought a day like this will come when I’m asked to apologize to a woman who has chosen to torment me for the rest of my life.

When I was courting my wife, she was everything sweet and succulent. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life with another if not her.

Few weeks she spent with my parents, they didn’t want to her let her go; they said she was better than every girl I have ever brought home.

Our wedding was planned immediately, and it was no different from the best. My parents booked the next available flight for our honeymoon in the UK.

Life was all perfect and blissful, until two months after our marriage. She became very unbearable and I was soon losing it. She nags all the time, and will have very little reason to pick on me.

She was acting like she was in total control of whatever that happens in the house, she comes back anytime she wants, and we became distant from each other.

I found solace in alcohol, and my mind wasn’t in a better place. I came back home and found the whole house in a mess;  I looked over it and decided to eat and go to bed, as I was getting sober.

There was no food, and all my wife could do was to call me a weakling who can never man up to his problems as I smelt of alcohol. I almost hit her, but recomposed myself immediately.

I went off my room and slept off. I was woken up by my parents, m wife has reported me to then, and I was asked to apologize.

No one cared to know how the problem started or what happened, I was asked to apologize because I was the man of the house. People sure know how to play victims.

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