Only The Smartest 5% Of Viewers Could Get This One Right! What About You?

Do you think you can get a perfect score, despite the odds of this challenge stating that the majority couldn’t? Well, there’s only one real way to figure that out.


Alright, first things first! The riddle states that when the boy’s father was 31, he was just 8 years old. However, now, years have gone by and his dad is twice as old as him! Can you put your critical thinking skills to the test and find out how old the boy is now?

Remember, you need to provide a logical justification for the puzzle shown above. Let us know in the comments section what you think is his age and why!

We’re counting on you to get a perfect score! We know you’ll do it with ease! So hurry!






The answer is 23 YEARS!

This is because the age difference between the two is 23 years so he must be 23 if his dad is twice his age.

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