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Merry Christmas everyone

In Loving Memory Keep this candle burning for our family and friends who have left us too soon. Merry Christmas Precious Souls. LOVE YOU

When I look back at the past months and how far I have gone; I can only say I owe it all to God.

Life hasn’t been all rosy, but I thank God for giving me the chance to celebrate a great day like Christmas.

Christmas always comes with a lot of challenges, joyful and hurtful memories, and most times I look forward to the joy it brings more than the hurt.

I can remember the very night that taunted me so much; I can still remember vividly what happened and I see myself crying by the mere thought of it.

Christmas became a day I count how old you could have been in the cold hands of death didn’t take you away from me.

I could have been the mother of a three-year-old boy, but my happiness was short-lived.

I already bought your Christmas clothes and shoes; you couldn’t live up to the moment to rock those clothes.

It has been years already, but the memories are still fresh as yesterday.

I hope that you are in a better place son and you are celebrating this Christmas with me.

I pray that this Christmas gives you all the reason to smile and keep living.

I wish that this Christmas brings you undiluted favor, prosperity, and grace.

I have seen a lot of Christmas come and go and I hope that this Christmas will be the best I will ever have to witness.

Merry Christmas everyone and may we keep the candle of love burning.

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