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Little 3-year-old girl rushed to hospital after eating drug mixed with her Halloween sweets

Let me start by saying I think Halloween is a wonderful holiday. Even so, I try to stay inside and I usually don’t dress up.

In my opinion, Halloween is all about the kids; I love nothing more than opening my door and giving the children in my neighborhood some candy.

That’s why I get so damn upset and angry when I read this story about how a little 3-year-old girl was hospitalized after trick-or-treating.

Little Abby Van Der Spuy was enjoying the Halloween festivities in Melbourne, Australia when she suddenly fell ill. Mom Tara knew there was something wrong immediately, but even she couldn’t have guessed at the horrible discovery the doctors would make.


Abby was rushed to hospital after she found something unusual in her Halloween lolly stash and, without thinking, ate it. Tara noticed how her baby girl was “zonked and wobbly on her feet”.

According to the Victoria Police, the girl became ill while trick-or-treating at just after 8pm yesterday.

“I thought she was choking on the lolly. Then she showed me a packet of tablets and I went, these don’t look like lollies,” Tara Robe told the Herald Sun. “I felt anxiety, sick in the belly.”


According to some reports, Abby hade swallowed a drug called Seroquel, which is a treatment for bipolar disorder and depression. The little girl found the drug in a zip-lock bag in her Halloween bucket and it had been mixed up with all the other sweets.

A neighbor witnessed what happened and praised the mother Tara for her her composure.

“She was concerned about getting the child some medical help and getting her husband to come down and looking after her other three children at the same time. She was like the Superman,” the witness told 9news.


Thankfully, Abby was quickly taken to hospital and she received the medical care she desperately needed.  She’s now in a stable condition.

Police are investigating but have stated their belief that there is no malicious intent involved.

“Investigators have been told that the child may have ingested a prescription medication and are currently making inquiries as to how this happened,” officials confirmed.

Please parents, always check to see what your children get when trick-or-treating!

I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before, but I guess it is only a matter of time before something worse happens. Sadly, nothing is safe these days, not even packaged items.

All the same, I’m hoping this little princess makes a quick recovery!

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