I love my cousins

Life doesn’t give us a chance to be with people who cherish us twice, and that’s one thing you should ever be grateful if you find yourself amidst people who love you so much.

I lost my parents at a very young age; they died in the most cruelest way ever and it hurts to know they died in pains.

They were burnt alive and drowned after as their car fell over the bridge. I became depressed after I learned of their death and shut myself out from the world.

I blamed the world for their death; if they were good roads and the bridge was properly built, maybe they could have been alive and we will be one big happy family.

I hated myself for allowing them to go out even after having a terrible dream the night before. I was tired of living and was waiting for darkness to cover me, but not until my cousins gave me hope to live again.

They understood what I was going through and never for once yelled at me for not moving on.

They gave me reasons to live again and never stopped reminding me that I’m stronger than whatever I was going through.

My cousins never saw me as a burden as they put their life on hold so that I will heal. I will forever love them, even if I was to be in a different location.

I will forever appreciate them for being a backbone, the siblings I never had, a parent, and a friend; I love you all.

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