How Fast Can You Find The ‘1/4’ In This Brain Teaser?

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Today, we are back with another brain teaser that has been confusing people from all around the globe. Let’s get started!

In this challenge, you are asked to spot the ‘1/4’ that is hiding somewhere in the sea of numbers 1 and 4.


Though most people have a hard time finding the correct combination, some eagle-eyed viewers were able to spot it in as little as 12 seconds!

The question, however, remains. Can you beat the odds and solve the puzzle faster than most people? Get to work and don’t forget to compare your results in the comment section once you’re done!

Have you spotted the ‘1/4’ yet? If not, feel free to check out the solution below.

But before you do so, make sure that you’ve already tried your best!

Here’s the answer:


If you enjoyed this puzzle, you’ll be happy to know that we have another one waiting for you.

This time, your task is to find the solution for ‘6+6’. Sounds easy, right? Well, let’s see if you can finish your job in less than 45 seconds!


If you’re still looking for the answer, let’s first make sure that you’re looking for the right number! The number you need to find is 12.

With that being said, we can also tell you that the number is hiding somewhere in the second row close to the center of the picture. Find it now!


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